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In God I Will Praise His Word

Psalm 56:4 KJV

[4] In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.

In God I will praise his word - The meaning of this seems to be, "In reference to God - or, in my trust on God - I will especially have respect to his "word" - his gracious promise; I will make that the special object of my praise. In dwelling in my own mind on the divine perfections; in finding there materials for praise, I will have special respect to his revealed truth - to what he has "spoken" as an encouragement to me.

I will be thankful that he "has" spoken, and that he has given me assurances on which I may rely in the times of danger." The idea is, that he would "always" find in God that which was the ground or foundation for praise; and that that which called for special praise in meditating on the divine character, was the word or promise which God had made to his people.

- Barnes' Notes on the Bible (Public Domain)

Praise God for His Word! from its pages divine Came the light of His love to this poor heart of mine: I had wandered afar in the byways of sin, When the light of His truth to my heart entered in.

Refrain: Praise God for His grace which its pages unfold! For the story of love which will never grow old! For the light on life’s pathway which streams from its pages! Praise God for His Word, blessed Book of the Ages!

Praise God for His Word; for the heavenly light It is sending afar into sin’s darksome night; For the hope which it gives, where before was despair, For the Heaven revealed, and the way leading there!

Praise God for His Word! not a promise shall fail; Whatsoe’er may oppose, still its truth will prevail: ’Tis the Word of our God and fore’er must endure; Earth and heaven may pass, but it standeth secure.

Praise God for His Word Subjects: Bible/Word, Praise Scripture: Luke 21:33; Isaiah 55:11 Praise God for His Word [.xml] James H. Fillmore, Jr. copyright status is Public Domain

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