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With My Song Will I Praise Him

Psalm 28:7 KJV

[7] The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.

In the midst of his deep distress, David took his fearful thoughts captive and remembered Who his God truly is, "The LORD is my strength and my shield," he cries out, jubilantly. "My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped, therefore my heart exults, and with my song I shall thank Him."

The sudden contrast in David's two extremes of expression in this simple, short psalm, are very noticeable, for he passes from desperate distress to exuberant praise. His spirit was swept from anguish to adoration and his confidence in God seemed to suddenly sweep his soul from bitter pleading into blessed praise.

"The LORD is my strength and my shield," is his exultant exclamation. His grace and strength is sufficient... for He is the all-powerful God. What is man that we should be fearful of him when we have the almighty strength of the eternal God as our shield and buckler... for He is our God and those who reverently fear Him have no need to be anxious or fearful.

"My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped," the psalmist continued. He has promised to be with us in every situation of life... and all God wants from us is to trust His Word, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and hold fast to His many precious promises. Without faith it is impossible to please Him, but those who put their trust in Him will never be disappointed.

We should remember that when faced with tremendous difficulties and dangers we are helpless to help ourselves, and that we would not trust in ourselves but in Christ Who rose from the dead and provides us with His sufficient grace.

"Therefore, my heart exults," David concludes, "and with my song I shall thank Him." There is something very edifying and encouraging in glorifying God and singing praises to Him... even when faced with problems and pain, for it not only lifts our heart and give hope to the soul, but causes us to trust Him in our helplessness and gives great glory to our Father in heaven.

May our hearts truly rejoice in the God of our salvation and may we lift up our voices together in continuous thanksgiving and praise.


Rejoice, O pure in heart, rejoice, give thanks, and sing; your festal banner wave on high, the cross of Christ your King.

Refrain: Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, give thanks, and sing!

Still lift your standard high, still chanting as you go, from youth to age, by night and day, in gladness and in woe.

Praise God, who reigns on high, the Lord whom we adore: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, one God forevermore.

Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart Author: E. H. Plumptre (1865) Tune: MARION (Messiter)

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